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Tramposaurus Treks receives 15,000 unique visitors per month and 25,000-page views. Readers are US and UK-based, college-educated male and female, interested in active adventures and cultural immersion. Topics that do well on the blog include urban exploring city guides, features on unique experiences that lead to self-growth, and articles that take readers beyond the obvious attractions.

Tramposaurus Treks & Forrest Mallard
We are Travel Influencers, Photographers, Film Makers & Professional Bloggers.

We offer professional photography & video services crafted into relatable marketing campaigns which are shared with a highly-engaged audience. We are a new brand that reaches a rapidly growing audience.

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Benefits of Working With Us

Amazing content creation! Through our photography, video and evergreen articles, we provide targeted reach for the brands we work with.

Media Production: With striking photography, and engaging videos, our clients have used the media created by Tramposaurus Treks for their own marketing efforts. The photography and videos we create while we are working with you, are yours to use, for as long as you want.

As a film director and editor, we have much more to offer than the usual blogger. With film production clients in Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Travel, we have delivered professional quality films with stories that are easy to follow and which inspire viewers to actively join in the adventure.

We understand SEO and social media marketing. Our articles place extremely well in Google search. Always with the goal to Educate, Entertain, and Inspire, we create highly detailed articles with supporting photography and videos that allow you to perfect market your destination and all of the adventurous activities therein.


In our first year of operations Tramposaurus Treks has already worked with clients on three continents to create innovative travel campaigns and marketing materials.

Rates offers a few different partnership options. Rates are available on request – contact me via email or use our contact form, and we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

For information regarding banner ads, sponsored posts or any other type of advertising, please email us for rates.

Ready to work together? Let’s get started!

Forrest Mallard: forrest [at] tramposaurus [dot] com

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What our clients are saying

Forrest is one of the most creative individuals I have ever met. His work is his passion and his passion is his work! Forrest does whatever possible to make everything he touches a great success; his dedication and innovation make him a real asset to any team.

Anthony Istrico - Director, Istrico Film Productions, LLC (New York)

I want to say a special thank you to Forrest Mallard who during this summer worked with us to develop our first ever series of brand awareness videos. Forrest Mallard is professional, creative and a pleasure to work with. Forrest, THANKS A MILLION!

Robert Pardi - Strategic Business Development Partner, Roma Experience (Italy)

Forrest Mallard is quite simply the most positive, hardworking and creative man that I have ever worked with in the Public Relations field. In addition to his many accomplishments on his own, Forrest's help and enthusiasm in helping me determine the direction of my company were indispensable.

I unequivocally recommend Forrest Mallard in all dealings, public and private. If you want your company to succeed, make him a part of it in whatever way you can.

Matt Bonavita - President, International Live Events Association


    Omar Mo

    Hey, this is Omar Mo, creator of "The Nomadic Spirit Podcast." I was recommended your way by I believe a fan of yours. I absolutely love what you do and would love to feature you on an episode where we can talk about your journey.

      Forrest Mallard

      Wow.. of course! Thank you Omar.

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Hi! I'm Forrest Mallard

In 2005, I moved to Quito, Ecuador with $35 in my pocket and a small handful of online clients. Fifteen years and five continents later, there were moments of absolute glamour, as well as a number of brutal rough patches. But I always felt that a horrible day of travel is infinitely more preferable than a great day at the office. Oh the stories I could tell, and I will try to do that here in Tramposaurus Treks. You'll have access to the good times, the horrifying times, and a few well-deserved moments of travel glamour.

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