Vienna, Austria

We Will Always Have Vienna

Forrest Mallard

I hadn’t planned on going to Vienna when I planned this summer’s activities. But I changed my plans when I found out I would be able to see many of my friends from around the world, all in Vienna at the same time, for various random reasons. So, I’ll spend one week in Vienna for the chance to reconnect with 5 different people from all over the world.


Vienna, Austria


One Week In Vienna

June 1 (Day 1)

7-hour bus ride from Zagreb + 2 border crossings = not enough sleep.

Still, I am with Jef Weg, whom I met in 2015 while walking the Camino de Santiago and we are having endless laughs and taking some decent photos.

(Hard to take a bad photo in Vienna. Everything is beautiful!)
Heading back out for a LIFE BALL riverside party.
Randomly run into David Noh from New York while exploring the museum district.
Tomorrow, we get serious about being tourists! Gonna see some stuff!

June 2 (Day 2)

I sat and watched Jef take tiny bites out of a famous $20 tiny slice of ‘Sacher-Torte’ at Café Sacher. It looked amazing and Jef gave it ‘thumbs up.’

It was a big day for Trampy in Vienna today. Normally he spends most of the day in my cargo pocket, but it was just a full day of full-on reptilian photo-shooting at the Schonbrunn Palace (aka Habsburg’s Summer Palace). Thank you Jef Weg for tolerating our insanity. What a great walk through all of the gardens behind the palace.

June 3 (Day 3)

Said goodbye to Jef this morning, then off to meet friends from New York.

UNBELIEVABLE that it was over 25 years ago that I called Tom Viola in New York, asking him if I could produce Broadway events in Washington DC to benefit his organization, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Through the next two decades, I have been thankful for his unwavering friendship.

Now off to dinner with Tom and another great friend, Chip Duckett, at Motto am Fluss overlooking the Donakanal. I haven’t seen either of these amazing people in almost 10 years, and here we are in Vienna together.

The best part of the dinner was sitting and listening to Tom, Chip and their friends review the highlights of the epic LIFE BALL event( that they both were massively involved in producing) the night before. Just hearing event production ‘shop talk’ made me feel right at home with these guys. Show production becomes part of your DNA, and it makes special people like this feel like family.

June 4 (Day 4)

How amazing to spend the day with Tom Viola exploring Vienna after not seeing each other for so long.

Our first stop was the Leopold Museum to see the Egon Schiele exhibit, and then on to the Albertina Museum to see the Keith Haring exhibit. This was then followed by a series of antique and art stores, where Tom made some minor investments.

One of the best people I know on the planet.
Hoping to explore more of the world with you at a later date.

June 5 (Day 5)

Thank you, Chip Duckett, for the Imperial Torte I’m about to have with my breakfast coffee this morning. (I know it’s good, because I ate most of Tom’s yesterday.)

Thank you also, Chip for the sight-seeing advice. I’m headed to Prater Amusement park to see the turn-of-the-century rides, and I might spend the rest of the day on the 1 tram circling the city.

June 6 (Day 6)

All of my long-time friends have left Vienna at this point, but now I have the chance to spend some time with some friends I made last year in Lisbon, Norbert Molnár and Ricardo Alexandre Nogueira. Some drinks and various beer gardens, wandering Vienna looking for more beer gardens, and having home cooked meals made by Norbert’s wonderful mother.



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