Wanderbares Wien – Zugberg-Maurer Wald

Forrest Mallard

Wanderbares Wien

Route 6
Zugberg – Maurer Wald

This trail is fairly well marked, however, many of the markers are in questionable locations, leaving many path intersections with no directions. Thankfully, at most of these unmarked intersections, it is fairly obvious which way to go.

Attractions Along the Trail

Rodauner Kirchenplatz (48.132842, 16.255961)
* The Bergkirche Rodaun (Mountain Church Rodaun) is a baroque Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In 1683, the church was destroyed during the second siege of Vienna and soon rebuilt in the years 1739 to 1745. The church is the work of the Viennese architect Johann Enzenhofer. The church survived the air raids on Vienna in the Second World War, unharmed.

Tree Stump Sculptures (48.129941, 16.227657)
* Several whimsical sculptures are made out of tree stumps along the trail.

Wiener Hütte restaurant (48.127685, 16.207939)
* A relaxing restaurant with a great view.

Stub’n Restaurant (48.135802, 16.211181)
* Friendly restaurant in the middle of many tennis courts. This is where you get your stamp. You might be lucky enough to see the owners beautiful collie.

Underground Bunker (48.149708, 16.237047)
* Gütenbachdüker (AK 118)
* There are many of these bunkers on these trails.

Wotrubakirche (48.147632, 16.253444)
* The Kirche Zur Heiligsten Dreifaltigkeit (English: Church of the Most Holy Trinity) in Vienna, better known as the Wotruba Church, was built between August 1974 and October 1976 on the basis of a model by Fritz Wotruba.
* Wotruba died before the completion of the church, which was inspired by a visit to Chartres Cathedral. To Wotruba, Chartres represented the essence of Europe, and Wotruba subsequently held up Chartres as a yardstick to his own work. Wotruba was first and foremost a sculptor, and the church was a collaboration with Fritz G. Mayr, who continued the work after Wotruba’s death.
* The church startles at first glance, resembling more an enlarged piece of abstract sculpture. It provides visitors with the unique opportunity to enter into an art form more often viewed on a much smaller scale. The unusual design created some local resistance.
* The building consists of 152 asymmetrically arranged concrete blocks, weighing from 1.8 to 141 tons; the highest block measures 13.10m. The church, which borders the Wienerwald, is 30 m long, 22 m wide, and 15.5 m high.
* During the Third Reich, the site where the church is located housed German Wehrmacht barracks.

Massive Open Fields (48.144147, 16.224255)

Complete Route GPS Guide

48.13252, 16.263136 (Rodaun tram station – start of trail)
48.132995, 16.262372
48.133553, 16.262374 (turn right)
48.133536, 16.257123 (turn uphill)
48.132093, 16.255728 (pass through barrier wall)
48.132148, 16.255634 (entrance into forest area)
48.133001, 16.252022
48.132695, 16.245521
48.127685, 16.207939 (Wiener Hütte restaurant)
48.130585, 16.204359
48.131154, 16.203607
48.131804, 16.203414
48.132087, 16.203393
48.133736, 16.204897
48.134127, 16.207943
48.135166, 16.211184 (exit forest area)
48.135802, 16.211181 (Stub’n restaurant – STAMP LOCATION)
48.137267, 16.208899
48.137766, 16.208902 (cross highway)
48.138046, 16.210057 (turn uphill)
48.141557, 16.219745
48.147727, 16.231053
48.148582, 16.232179
48.149708, 16.237047 (underground bunker entrance)
48.150355, 16.242699
48.150696, 16.244088 (turn right)
48.149489, 16.244726
48.147697, 16.247252
(48.147632, 16.253444 – optional detour – Wotrubakirche)
48.145243, 16.250752 (turn right)
48.137636, 16.245526 (cross intersection)
48.135573, 16.245948 (turn left)
48.133553, 16.262374 (turn right)
48.13252, 16.263136 (Rodaun tram station – end of trail)

Special thanks to:

– City of Vienna Tourism
– Forestry Office and Urban Agriculture (Municipal Department 49)


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