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Wanderbares Wien – Hiking in Vienna, Austria

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There is a series of amazing hiking trails, all within the city of Vienna.


Hiking trails located just outside of the Vienna city center, in the Vienna Woods and foothills of the Alps.


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Hiking within the city of Vienna

I love to share my passion for trekking and hiking whenever possible.

So, in April 2019, when I was asked to give a talk at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, it was a great chance to talk about the different types of walking tours all over the world.

I broke down the different types of walking holidays one could take into three categories:

City Walks – which can include city walking tours as well as random urban exploring on foot.

Local Hikes – which can usually be found just outside of every major city, in the countryside.

Long-Distance Treks – which are epic journeys and last multiple days, to a month, or more.

As part of the LOCAL HIKES section, I pointed out that there are many cities around the world with a massive amount of green space, and that local hikes could possibly be done within the city itself.

One of the cities I mentioned specifically was Vienna, Austria, which is ranked at #4 in the world with the highest percentage of green space.

5 months later, I found myself in Vienna for an extended period and I decided to see if I could take advantage of all of that green space and develop some kind of urban trekking program.

My initial idea was to create a walking route through the city that included all of the most beautiful public parks. But while I was creating this hiking trail through Vienna, a local friend brought to my attention a book called:

Wanderbares Wien
11 Stadtwanderwage und rundumadum

Hiking Vienna
11 city hiking trails and Roundabout

Vienna had already done the work for me. There was already an entire program of 11 beautiful hiking trails, just outside of the Vienna city center, in the beautiful Vienna woods and foothills of the Alps.

Most of the tourists that come to Vienna to go hiking are Austrians and Germans, so at this time, the Vienna Hiking Guide is only available in German. This gives me a great opportunity to translate and share this information to English-speaking travelers that might be interested.

As stated in the title, this program includes 11 hikes ranging from 7.5 to 15 km (4.5 to 9.5 miles) at various locations throughout the city of Vienna.

The Stadtwanderwege (city hiking paths) are equipped with directional arrows. Except for city hiking path 1a – Leopoldsberg and city hiking path 9 – Prater, all paths run in a clockwise direction.

City Hiking Path 1 – Kahlenberg
City Hiking Path 1a – Leopoldsberg
City Hiking Path 2 – Hermannskogel
City Hiking Path 3 – Hameau
City Hiking Path 4 – Jubiläumswarte
City Hiking Path 4a – Ottakring
City Hiking Path 5 – Bisamberg
City Hiking Path 6 – Zugberg-Maurer Wald
City Hiking Path 7 – Laaer Berg
City Hiking Path 8 – Sofienalpe
City Hiking Path 9 – Prater

There is also a 24-stage / 120 km (75 miles) Rundumadum or roundabout trail, which takes you all the way around Vienna on a complete perimeter of the city.

When you complete many long-distance trails, Like the Camino de Santiago, or the Slovenian Mountain Trail, you get a certificate.

If you go hiking on the Vienna city trails, you can be rewarded with certificates and medals!
Yes, you will be awarded a silver medal for completing three trails, and a gold medal for completing seven or more.

All of these hikes are extremely easy to get to, and public transportation takes you from the center of town, directly to the starting point of each trail. And even though these trails will make you feel like you have traveled far away from the city, there are always markets, Restaurants, and Beer-Gardens to stop at for rest, along each route.

I’ve created a review in English of each Vienna city trail so that if you ever find yourself in Vienna, and you want to take advantage of the beautiful Vienna green spaces, you will have many options available to you.

To find out more about this program on the City of Vienna website.

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