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TT002 STUNT LIFE Featuring the amazing talent of my STUNT PERFORMER friends. I had so much fun working on this video. It was fun filming it. It was fun editing it. It was fun previewing the video for the stunt team and hearing them scream with laughter. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS (AND GALS) FOR ALLOWING ME TO EXPLOIT YOU LIKE THIS!


Global Village Dubai



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Perhaps one of the things that makes seeing a stunt show so enjoyable is the schadenfreude of seeing someone in flames, falling off of a building into a dumpster filled with trash and saying to yourself, ‘Hey.. that’s not me. My life doesn’t suck as much as I thought it did. I can go back to my sucky job and know that I’m OK because at least I’m not being consumed in fire.’

Yet for others, seeing the exact same thing will think, ‘What am I doing in Medical School? THIS is what I should be doing with my life!’

From whatever angle you look at this melange of hand-to-hand combat, gun violence, impossible things you can do with motorized vehicles, and human carcass flambé, there is no denying that the audiences LOVE it. With an audience size of more than 1600 seats, the Global Village stunt show is filled to capacity for three shows on weekdays and four shows on weekends. And that doesn’t even count the thousands of people that stand outside of the stunt arena to catch a glimpse of the show from the side.

Someday, it would be nice for the Academy Awards to FINALLY recognize these artists and entertainers for the work that they do in film.

Regardless, for the select few in the world of entertainment that have found a home in the community stunt performers, you can not help but feel joy for them, as they have found and achieved their calling, and they get to spend their days with like-minded, and slightly insane people that quickly become their stunt family.

The stunt team offered to take me for a little drive around the stunt arena.
My driver for this little outing will be Christian Diaz, who comes from one of my favorite countries, Spain.

A special THANK YOU to Global Village and my very good friends on the Global Village stunt show team for putting up with me as I made this film.

Shout outs to:

James Icon

Christian Diaz

Joerg Romankiewicz

Alex Bucholtz

Linn Solem

Special thanks to Global Village Dubai

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