Dubai, UAE

TTV001 Welcome to the Vlog

Forrest Mallard

Here is my very first VLOG. A short introduction to Forrest Mallard, and Tramposaurus Treks.




I only hate it a little.. but looking forward to getting the next one out that isn’t so focused on me.

It is shocking to me that I have absolutely no problem nailing a live interview on TV or radio, but if I am alone in a room with a camera, trying to do a recording for myself, I’m an absolute mess.

It is these things that terrify me and challenge me that I love the most for some reason.

There are many things about it I wish I could do better, but for now, it is as good as I can do given what I know, and the time I have. If I can just keep producing videos, I will have the opportunity to learn and in one year, I hope to have made a noticeable improvement.

I would like to produce one video per week before I leave for Pakistan, and then three per week as I am traveling.

I wanted to give a shout out to the professional Bloggers that I referenced in the video, for teaching me the few things I know and making encouraging videos to help people take that first step.

Jeven Dovey:
@jevendovey –

Gerald Undone:
@geraldundone –

Dunna Did It:
@dunnadidit –

Sidney Diongzon:
@SidneyDiongzon –

Make.Art.Now: –

@KinotikaTV –

See you in a week.

Forrest Mallard



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