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Forrest Mallard

Jul 2, 19

Cat House of Valencia

The entrance still stands as a beloved and iconic piece of neighborhood art, and though it is no longer a...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 30, 19

Walk In Granada Walking Tours

Europe’s Free Walking Tours Walk in Granada has not one, but THREE free walking tours that focus on different parts...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 19, 19

The Most Dangerous Bridge in the World?

I knew I needed to cross that bridge. The chance to live out a popular adventure theme from almost every...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 19, 19


Perhaps one of the things that makes seeing a stunt show so enjoyable is the schadenfreude of seeing someone in...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 2, 19

The Kalash Villages of Pakistan

THE KALASH FESTIVAL Chilam Joshi is the most important Kalashi festival celebrated in May for four days. Chilam Joshi celebrations highlight...

Forrest Mallard

May 9, 19

Landing in Lahore

Two hours after arriving in Lahore, Pakistan, I was taken to a concert of Pakistani classical music in a private...

Forrest Mallard

Apr 20, 19

TTV002 Wuqiao Acrobats

Wuqiao Acrobats 吴桥杂技演员 Name: Dongxue Wang Name Chinese: 王冬雪 Performance: Rola Bola / Ralarala ———————————— INTRO In two months I...

Forrest Mallard

Mar 27, 19

TTV001 Welcome to the Vlog

VLOG TT001 – DONE I only hate it a little.. but looking forward to getting the next one out that...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 26, 18

Cat in Buddha Arms

This is so awesome. A blogger loved one of the photos I took in Ayutthaya, Thailand and wrote a little...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 13, 18

A Day with Greta Garbo

Skogskyrkogården: UNESCO Site Today, I spent some time with one of the biggest stars in the history of Hollywood, right...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 8, 18

Kicked out of Church

Being Too Much of a Tourist So I was kicked out of church today. Visited the beautiful St. Martin’s Cathedral...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 1, 18

We Will Always Have Vienna

One Week In Vienna June 1 (Day 1) 7-hour bus ride from Zagreb + 2 border crossings = not enough...

Forrest Mallard

May 17, 18

Mostar Chill

A Great Place to Make Friends in Mostar On my first day, I explored the city, and on my first...

Forrest Mallard

May 11, 18

Too Much History in Sarajevo

The Most Disturbing Free Walking Tour I’ve Ever Taken I mean that in a good way. Just finished the excellent...

Forrest Mallard

May 10, 18

The Podgorica Challenge

Podgorica: Probably not on your Bucket List On my bus ride to Sarajevo, I had a 9-hour layover in the...

Forrest Mallard

May 7, 18

Magical Mesi Bridge

Bulldog Hostel to the Rescue While I was sitting in the Bulldog hostel in Shkodër, Albania, with no adventure in...

Forrest Mallard

May 5, 18

Stranded in Shkodër

Too Early to Hike Accursed Mountains I arrived in Albania six days ago with the intention of being on a...

Forrest Mallard

Sep 8, 17

Stop Complaining Forrest

“Alfombras no Camiño de Santiago, arte efémero para a paz no mundo” (Carpets in the Camiño de Santiago, ephemeral art...

Forrest Mallard

Sep 4, 17

Camino Portuguese: Finished

Camino Portuguese: DONE! At 11 am on August 31, 2017, I arrived in Santiago de Compostela, Spain after walking 675...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 30, 17

Camino Portuguese: Last Night Before Santiago

Sending Love to My Original Camino Family I’m sending love to my original Camino Family from 2 years ago, and...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 24, 17

Camino Portuguese: Trampy Day at the Beach

Getting Closer to Santiago Along the way over the past week: – I saved the life of a little boy...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 21, 17

Camino Portuguese: Entering Porto

Multiple Routes on Camino Portuguese Now the path to Santiago splits in three directions. I had initially planned to walk...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 15, 17

Camino Portuguese: Camino de Fuego

Camino Portuguese = The Way of Fire This route is intense. I can see why the route from Lisbon to...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 4, 17

I Need a Big Floppy Hat

From the Arctic Circle to Southern Portugal I stepped off the plane and immediately stopped to take my sweater off...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 30, 17

Ólavsøka 2017

Ólavsøka – Faroese National Holiday I enjoy so much just walking the streets of Torshavn, saying hello to the few...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 27, 17

A Walk Across the Faroes

Faroe Islands Interiors Perfect for Off-Grid Escape Faroes uninhabited vast mountain interiors are perfect for an off-grid escape. I could...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 29, 17

Big Bad Mountain Made Me Cry

Nature Can Make You Emotional I’d like to dedicate this post to one of my dearest friends Jomayra. When I...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 21, 17

Lake Bled: Trampy Family Reunion

One of the Most Beautiful Places in Europe Gotta keep moving, and so exactly one week after I arrived, I...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 16, 17

Spending time with THE BELOVED

Ljublijana = The Beloved As a few of you know at this point, about one week ago I reluctantly decided...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 7, 17

Magic to Misery

Slovenian Mountain Trail is Magical Three nights ago was MAGIC. I had just finished walking my third day on the...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 3, 17

A Reminder to Live

Slovenia Mountain Trail: Begins Yesterday morning, at 7 am, I started the Slovenian Mountain Trail. I began walking at the...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 1, 17

In Slovenia Without a Clue

Stepping Blindly Into My Next Big Adventure Three years ago, when I was doing the research to go on my...

Forrest Mallard

May 21, 17

The Castle of the Dark Knight

Bohemian Paradiseaka Český ráj I felt like I rushed through my last post, there was so much more information I...

Forrest Mallard

May 20, 17

Bohemian Switzerland by Foot

Hiking in Northern Czech Republic I knew I wanted to do some hiking in the Czech Republic, and it didn’t...

Forrest Mallard

May 13, 17

The Adventure Has Begun

Making my way to Bohemian Switzerland It took three train transfers to get to the very remote Czech Republic ‘train...

Forrest Mallard

May 11, 17

Walking in the Footsteps of Queen Latifah at Grand Hotel Pupp

I Could Live at Grand Hotel Pupp But seriously, I have been to the Pupp every day that I have...

Forrest Mallard

May 10, 17

Karlovy Vary Healing Waters

Onward to Karlovy Vary With my first village experience in the Czech Republic drawing to an end, I woke early...

Forrest Mallard

May 8, 17

Český Krumlov a Fairytale Village

Day-Trip From Prague I was right about a few things regarding this amazing little town. Český Krumlov is indeed an...

Forrest Mallard

May 5, 17

Venice Scavenger Hunt

Unlike many people, I don’t have an opinion about children one way or the other. Of course, there are times...

Forrest Mallard

May 4, 17

Cheap yet Fabulous in Venice

Venice on a Budget TO SLEEP: Generator Hostel Venice Probably the most expensive place I will stay this entire summer....

Forrest Mallard

Mar 29, 17

Road Trip to Wadi Damm

Having one day off per week limits the distance you might consider traveling for an adventure. However, in two weeks...

Forrest Mallard

Feb 28, 17

London Tube Walking Map

SKIP THE TUBE The last time I was in London, I barely got on the Tube at all. I walked...

Forrest Mallard

Dec 2, 16

Camping on Jebel al Jais

A Sleepless Night THE BAD: We camped fairly close to the top of the mountain, at one of the new...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 29, 16

Summer 2016 In Review

IT IS REALLY, FINALLY OVER. Tomorrow I fly back to Dubai, after 4.5 months of travel. Turkey > Bulgaria >...

Forrest Mallard

Aug 11, 16

Free Willy in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen: Looking for Adventure Before I left for Iceland and the Faroe Islands, I had spent a full week...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 30, 16

The Perfect Beard

We had a late night last night. Woke up and had some coffee. It still seemed quite early for there...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 29, 16

My First Taste of Ólavsøka

Ólavsøka: Faroese National Holiday Today is the first of the two-day, Ólavsøka national holiday events. I made my way downtown...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 28, 16

Adventure Aboard the Norðlýsið

A Spontanious Adventure I could have probably stayed in Syðrugøta one or two more days to help with further break-down...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 26, 16

Landing at the G! Festival

Finding Family in the Faroes I had written to the management of the G! Festival while I was still in...

Forrest Mallard

Jul 10, 16

My Introduction to the Faroes

A Quick Tour of the Faroe Islands My LOVELY friend Sanna dropped me off at my new temp job in...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 29, 16

Crisis Averted in Reykjavik

When I arrive in the Faroes on July 8 (at 3 am!!), I head to the very small, VERY BEAUTIFUL...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 20, 16

Making a Break for Reykjavik

From Akureyri to Keykjavik So I’m biting the bullet and I am taking the bus on the 7 hr trip...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 17, 16

Iceland has ruined me forever!

So Many Epic Waterfalls For so many years of travel, if I happened to see a quaint little waterfall, I...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 16, 16

A Day Spent at Tivoli Gardens is a Day in Heaven

Yesterday I went to the oldest theme park in the world. The not so famous Bakken, deep in the woods...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 16, 16

Personal Crisis in Reykjavik

I left Dubai on May 15 and started my whirlwind tour through Europe in Istanbul, carefully budgeting every purchase with...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 14, 16

An Angel Took Me to ÁSBYRGI

Somehow, This All Worked Out I slept extra long because: (1) because my down-feather sleeping bag is beyond comfy, and...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 13, 16

Thumbing my way to Dettifoss

Hitchhiking Iceland I’ve never hitchhiked before, but I am going to need to in Iceland if I want to see...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 9, 16

Seyðisfjörður to Egilsstaðir

Nothing went as expected yesterday. I made the trek back into town to talk to the Seyðisfjörður tourist info booth...

Forrest Mallard

Jun 2, 16

Pilgrimage to Bakken

A few days ago, while taking the Copenhagen Free Walking tour, the guide spoke about the magical and famous Tivoli...

Forrest Mallard

May 22, 16

Positive Karma Payback

Something happened to me when I was leaving Bucharest, and I have not been able to get it out of...

Forrest Mallard

May 21, 16

A Night in Dracula’s Hometown

After getting off the local train (filled with festive gypsies, that is another whole story in itself), I walked toward...

Forrest Mallard

May 18, 16

Hollywood in Transylvania

Braşov boasts everything from dynamic modern city life to old world charm and fascinating scenery. Brașov has the best cleanliness...

Forrest Mallard

May 16, 16

Getting Rest in Bucharest

So my ‘Vacation from the Vacation’ is over. A full SIX days spent in a very chilled out hostel in...

Forrest Mallard

May 9, 16

Belogradchik Fortress – Best of Bulgaria

Getting to Belogradchik I arrived in Belogradchik last night to find the hotel I was booked in was overbooked, so...

Forrest Mallard

May 5, 16

Melnik: An Unexpected Pleasure

Мелник / Melnik This tiny Bulgarian town is confined to a ravine between two towering cliffs. It is fairly hard...

Forrest Mallard

Apr 21, 16

Turkey to Bulgaria by Bus

I arrived two hours early at the bus station in a suburb far outside of the Istanbul city center for...

Forrest Mallard

Apr 17, 16

Istanbul Scary Carpet Caper

I had planned on spending the entire day in old town to cover all of the sites. I woke up...

Forrest Mallard

Apr 16, 16

Return to Istanbul

I had fun filming Trampy the Dinosaur taking rides on the luggage carousel until after a while I was the...

Forrest Mallard

Apr 15, 16

First Blog Post

I love the anxiety and flashes of terror related to setting out on a solo/epic trek. Departing what has become...


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