Dubai, UAE

First Blog Post

Forrest Mallard

DAY 0 (DEPARTURE DAY) April 15 2016 Dubai to Istanbul I have a serious problem.


Dubai International Airport



I love the anxiety and flashes of terror related to setting out on a solo/epic trek.

Departing what has become routine for many months, to thrust yourself into the chaos of an international adventure, really makes my heart race.

This is the second time in two years that I have put everything I own into storage with the intent to explore countries I have never been to, with no intention of returning for many months.

Packing up to put everything is storage brings a feeling of celebration.. but there are other feelings as well. (How do I explain this so that it doesn’t seem so dark?)

I have moved so many times in my life now. In the Marines I was stationed somewhere new every year. In New York I moved to a new apartment at least once a year. Since 2005, I have been traveling and moving through several countries and continents. So now when I pack up, even though I intend to return to Dubai, I have the feeling that I am never coming back.

So yeah.. even though I been working my butt off for the last 8 months, thinking every moment about this trip to come.. part of it feels a bit dark.. even in the midst of the celebration.

This past week I finished work at Global Village for the season.

I said goodbye to all of the performers as they left to return to their own countries.

I said goodbye to my bosses, who I adore.

Then I got to say goodbye to my closest friends in Dubai over the last 3 days.

Then I got on a plane.

Currently traveling to Istanbul where I will spend 4 days seeing a few old friends.

(I lived in Istanbul for a year in 2007.)

Then I will film a special ONE DAY ISTANBUL-WALKING TOUR that I created for some friends a while ago.

It is actually quite a challenge to do this tour.. It is a LOT of walking.

But if you only have one day in Istanbul, this is an amazing and inexpensive way to see EVERYTHING.

I’m excited about this blog thing.

Let’s see what happens.




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