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The Tegnérlundenpark

Forrest Mallard

A place of inspiration for Sweden’s iconic children’s book author, Astrid Lindgren.


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Tegnérlunden Park

Where Astrid Lindgren’s thoughts took flight

Pavilion Tegnérlunden Stockholm Sweden
Tegnérlunden Park

In truth, it’s only a lightly curved green space amidst tall houses built at the turn of the past century and crisscrossed by a few trails. There is a small pavilion where a spring comes up, its waters running through a brook and into a pond at the foot of the hill.

However, it is during dusk that this place developed a particular charm. Then one can imagine how Astrid Lindgren on her way home to the Vasa neighborhood saw a young boy sitting on a bench. That got her thinking. He might be living in one of the nearby houses? And she asked herself why he preferred to sit here in the dark instead of going home.

The Musings of Astrid Lindgren

As she carried on musing about this, she had the idea of a genie-in-a-bottle taking a boy with it to a faraway land. That was the birth of the concept for her book ‘Mio, My Son.’

In Tegnérlunden Park, a bronze sculpture of the famous children’s author commemorates the fact that this place inspired many of her stories. For decades Astrid lived nearby at Dalagatan 46.

Little boy Astrid Lindgren Tegnérlunden Stockholm Sweden

Sitting on the shoulders of the author is Mister Lilyvale, who every evening takes the sick boy Goran with him into the land of twilight. A country where everything is possible, where young boys can drive trams and fly over church steeples. The popular author is opening her own coat to warm and protect a boy crouching in the foreground, his eyes closed. Could it be that he’s listening to one of her stories?

Once dusk falls, Tegnérlunden Park lies deserted, with the lights being switched on in the surrounding houses. Is this the Goran looking out of the window? And isn’t that the tiny Mister Lilyvale perched on the window sill? Was that sound a car passing or was it Karlsson’s propeller? In this place and with Astrid Lindgren behind you thoughts start flying. And anything is possible in the twilight hours.

Dalagatan 46

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By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

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