Stockholm, Sweden

Skinnarviks Mountain

Forrest Mallard

Rising 53 meters (174 feet) above sea level, the Skinnarviksberg forms Stockholm’s highest natural elevation, and the mound offers fine views of the city.


11823 Stockholm-Södermalm



59.320145, 18.047933

Skinnarviks Mountain

A rocky plateau in the heart of Stockholm

Skinnarvik Park Stockholm Sweden

In itself that wouldn’t be much to write home about, as other points around the city offer impressive views too. What is special here is that you feel like you are standing on a high mountain summit – right in the heart of the city!

Not even five minutes from busy Hornsgatan, the narrow Gamla Lundagatan snakes past a few small 18th-century wooden houses, painted red and yellow. These are the last remains of the old workers’ quarter that once stood here. In the 17th century, the mound was first settled by knackers and tanners. The eastern banks of the Södermälarstrand were called Skinnarvik at the time – the Bay of Skinners.

The Bay of Skinners

Skinnarviks Mountain

There was plenty of water they needed for their work here. Also, they were far enough away from the town center at the time: tanning animal hides is a very stinky business. At a later stage, workers employed at textile factories, a brewery, and other industries settled here.

In Gamla Lundagatan the urban noise lessens perceptibly, and the ambiance is more reminiscent of a village. At its end, a narrow path leads uphill, and suddenly you’re standing on the summit. Only treetops line the extensive rock plateau. The telegraph mast standing in its center adds even more to the impression of standing on a mountain ridge. At the foot of the mountain lies glittering Lake Mälar, the sparkling spire of the Stadshuset is visible in the distance and to the right is a view of Riddarholmen.


By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

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