Sighişoara, Romania

A Night in Dracula’s Hometown

Forrest Mallard

Sighişoara — Unesco-protected citadel, the best preserved medieval town in all of Europe.



After getting off the local train (filled with festive gypsies, that is another whole story in itself), I walked toward the imposing fortress on the hill and climbed the steps toward the towering walls and then stumbled up the cobblestone entrance way.. and it was seriously like falling through a time warp into the middle ages.

Sighişoara burned itself into my memory as it took my breath away almost at every step. It’s like stepping into a kid’s fairy tale, the narrow streets aglow with lustrously colored 16th-century houses, their gingerbread roofs tumbling down to pretty cafes. This was also the birthplace of one of Vlad Ţepeş (The Impaler aka Dracula). Unlike many other places I have visited about Romania, this village doesn’t shy away from its relationship with Dracula and it is very much celebrated.

I spent two days here and could have stayed longer.

Next off to Cluj-Napoca, my final city in Romania before heading to Germany to meet up with Camino Family from last year.

Two things I want to do in and around Cluj:
(1) Go to the Turda Salt Mines, Centuries ago they mined for salt here and the man-made covers they created here are some of the biggest in the world. Big enough to but an entire village in including restaurants, a theme park, and churches.
(2) The world’s MOST HAUNTED forest ‘Hoia Baciu’, Google it, intensely creepy, and I want to explore it. WOO HOO!!

I’m couchsurfing in Cluj, so last night was one of my last hostel/hotel stays on my vacation. I will not be able to afford to stay indoors in Iceland/Faroes or Norway, so camping for the next three months!!

Lets see how that goes. :-/



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