Reykjavik, Iceland

Crisis Averted in Reykjavik

Forrest Mallard

The vacation catastrophe is getting sorted. The rest of my time in Iceland is sorted. My ferry ride to the Faroe Islands is sorted. NOW my 3-weeks on the Faroe Islands is SORTED!



When I arrive in the Faroes on July 8 (at 3 am!!), I head to the very small, VERY BEAUTIFUL village of Syðrugöta (ðrugøta) to begin production work with the “G! Festival” team. I’m beyond THANKFUL for this opportunity and can not wait to work with everyone there and make friends in that tiny, beautiful village!

Free Walking Tour Reykjavik

But yes, after spending over a week in one place, I am feeling a bit restless. So now I am trying to find FREE things to do in this capital city. — Yesterday I walked downtown to take part in the CITY WALK Free Walking Tour of Reykjavik. The tour guide Eiríkur Kúld (Erik), is a historian and he had plenty of insight into the Viking history as well as architectural and sociological information about Reykjavik. It was a great two-hour walk, but it started raining

Tomorrow I may take the one-hour walk to the beach and go swimming. It is definitely going to be freezing cold in the water, but one of the managers at the campsite here told me of a special beach that has free geothermal pools, right on the beach. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!

On the first of July, I have a few friends that will be coming through Reykjavik that I can’t wait to see, and I would love to thank Mark Weinberg and Coco for helping ease my mind with serious support when I was in panic mode!

On My Way to Faroe Islands

I have to HIGHTAIL it back to the Eastern Fjords to catch my boat to the Faroe Islands.

It is raining again and I must go and clean the campground. Trampy is not getting out much to do photoshoots in Reykjavik, so I will try and get some action photos with the staff here at the campground.

Thanks, everyone for your concern, but it is seriously ALL GOOD.




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