Torshavn, Faroe Islands

My First Taste of Ólavsøka

Forrest Mallard

Ólavsøka: Faroese National Holiday Two days of beautiful national costumes, entertainment, and singing in the heart of Torshvan.



Ólavsøka: Faroese National Holiday

Today is the first of the two-day, Ólavsøka national holiday events. I made my way downtown at about 2 pm and the festivities were already WELL underway. I missed all of the speeches that I wouldn’t have been able to understand anyways, and I made it in time for the big brass band and the parade of, what I think is athletes, marching off for the rowing competition.

I spent most of the day trying to get photos of random people on the street because everyone looks SO BEAUTIFUL in their traditional national costumes or ‘National Dress.’ For the last few days, friends have had to stay in because they have had to polish their silver buttons and get their clothes ready. The attention to detail and the pride in their clothes is so evident today, and I couldn’t help myself from smiling. Everyone looks so beautiful.

A local Faroese friend joked about his country being small and a bit inbred, and I instantly replied, whatever you guys are doing, IT IS WORKING FOR YOU!

I’ll try to take more photos of more of these beautiful people in their beautiful clothes tonight and tomorrow. I think the more they drink, the more likely I will be able to get them to pose for me. 🙂

Have you been to a surprisingly unique national holiday event in another country?

What is your favorite country in terms of traditional clothing or ‘national dress?’



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