Syðrugøta, Faroe Islands

Landing at the G! Festival

Forrest Mallard

Within 24 hours of arriving in the Faroe Islands, I was dropped off in the small, quiet and serene village of Syðrugøta to meet the Managing Producer and other managers of the G! FESTIVAL



Finding Family in the Faroes

I had written to the management of the G! Festival while I was still in Iceland, requesting for a chance to volunteer on their production team for the duration of the event set-up, all the way through to tear-down and cleanup.

The village population is just 500 people, and after a quick walk through the picturesque village, it was hard to imagine that in just a few days, many thousands of people would be arriving in droves to celebrate and party with an extremely eclectic assortment of international musicians from Europe, North America, and Africa.

They gave me a place to stay, and for the first 4 days, I had an entire house to myself. My first two days on site were spent cleaning the offices and washing dishes, and this gave me the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in the office with the event producers, and I quickly fell in love with all of them.

G! FEST was more than just an amazing event to me.

As I worked and observed the people of this wee, tiny village coming together to produce something massive and extraordinary, I could see young children, literally with tool-belts, working alongside their older family members, full of enthusiasm, learning how to be a part of a very special community effort. G! FEST is now in its 15th year, so for many of these children, this annual event has always been a part of their lives, and they probably look forward to it as much as any other joyful, national holiday.

On the fourth day, my first roommate, Hans-Ole Amossen moved in, initially, I was just excited to be making my first-ever friend from Greenland, but he ended up being a great guy as well.

One day later, the official G! FEST, event videographers from the UK showed up. Andi Hampton and Ben Saunders ended up being two guys I shared an inappropriate and disturbing amount of laughter with, and they became such good friends that when the time came, it was hard to say goodbye to them.

I could easily write a short novel on the wonderful and unique experience that was G! FESTIVAL, to me. Working so hard during the day, that by the time the music started in the evening, I was already in bed (but I was also one of the only ones walking in a straight line each morning). 😉

The INCREDIBLE musicians from the Faroes, Denmark, United States, Ireland and even Malawi that I had the opportunity to sit down and eat with backstage, the opportunity to wear a GoPro on my head and work as part of the film crew just dancing around on the beach filming PoV party scenes, jumping into the steaming-hot, wood-burning Jacuzzis located right on the beach, with chilled air and the mist from the ocean hitting my face, working and laughing with so many FUN, WONDERFUL people, and creating abstract archways out of obscene amounts of wooden, freight pallets. — Looking back one week in retrospect, it all seems like a blur. But it was one big, JOYFUL blur, and I really hope I have the sense to come back and do the exact same thing next year.

Thank you so much to Sigvør Laksá, Kristfríð Tyriland, and Sigga Vang for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this very special community of people. Shout outs as well to Mad ES, Hans Óli Højgaard, Ólavur S T Thorsteinsson, Súni Joensen, Ári Jógvansson Olsen and Iðunn Tótudóttir for being a part of my amazing G! FEST / Faroes experience.

And also, special thank you to celebrated wildlife photographer Alessio Mesiano, for taking the most amazing photo of me, the Wild Mallard of G! FEST. 😀



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