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Gulliver Park

Forrest Mallard

What kind of parent takes their children to play with a passed out man laying in the park? If you have kids and you are in Valencia, Spain, it is actually a really cool thing to do.


Jardín del Turia, s/n
46023 Valencia



39.462521, -0.359574

A Unique Place to Play in Valencia

Gulliver Park is one of the most popular playgrounds in Valencia, and it looks like so much fun, adults can’t stop themselves from joining in and having a blast.

This huge 70-meter-long fiberglass attraction features one part of Jonathan Swift‘s classic adventure novel ‘Gulliver Travels.’ After his ship was wrecked, and while passed out on a beach in a far off land inhabited by with REALLY tiny people, Gulliver gets tied down to the ground. In this scenario, you get to be a tiny Lilliputians, climbing and playing all over the gigantic body of poor Gulliver.

There’s slides, rope bridges, part of the body and clothing to climb on, and more slides. Just be careful in the summer because the surface can get quite hot.

My friend Jomayra brought her children here when they were younger and they told me stories of pouring water on the slide to cool it off first.

The admission to the playground is free and it is open daily from 10AM to 8PM.

This park is not only a children’s playground, but it has an important function within the Turia Gardens, that is to drain rainwater, so, in case of abundant precipitation, the water does not accumulate on the surface.

Gulliver Park is one of the incredible things to see and do in Valencia.


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By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

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