Forrest Mallard - May 29, 2019

Shopping at Global Village is Only the Beginning


In its 22nd season, Global Village is the middle east’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction.

After entering through the Gate of the World or Cultural Gate, you will find 25 pavilions representing different countries and geographical regions, each jam-packed with its own unique products and cultural entertainment.

Country Pavilions at Global Village

Afghanistan, Africa, Americas, Bahrain & Oman, Bosnia and Balkans, China, Egypt, Europe, Far East (Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam), India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka), Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

Once you enter any of these pavilions, it is as if you have stepped into the local market from that country, with an atmosphere that celebrates the richness and culture of that specific nation. Craftsmen create hand-made items as well as food products, textiles, furniture, clothing, and perfumes, that are indigenous to that country.

But the shopping at Global Village is only the beginning!


This season, Global Village has 23 restaurants and cafes with international cuisine and more than 120 kiosks where you can sample the world’s best street food. Many of these snack options can be found nowhere else in the Middle East.


At the center of Global Village, you will find the featured entertainment stages. This is where you will find massive, original productions, produced by Global Village each year, with an international resident cast of dancers from all over the world.

Then there are the children’s shows with Global Village’s mascot, GLOBO and his Globo Gang as they travel around the world having adventures. There are also shows with international favorites Angry Birds and Chhotta Bheem.

The main cultural stage is also home to international touring productions of some of the most popular, award-winning cultural shows in the world.

The Global Village Street Performers includes some of the most experienced buskers in the UK.

The MONSTER STUNT SHOW includes over 30 stunt performers, an impressive range of special effects, a towering 30-meter ‘flaming ball of death’, cars, motorcycles and audio and video effects that are as good as you can find anywhere in the world.


Over 60 Kiddie rides and Thrill rides and carnival attractions as well arcade games at the brand new Carnaval Funfair.


Fridays, Saturdays and holidays at 9pm, there’s a breathtaking fireworks display.


Then every Friday at 9:05 pm, immediately after the fireworks Global Village presents a massive concert with the biggest Arab and international stars from all throughout Asia and the Middle East.


As if that wasn’t enough, inside each of the 25 international pavilions includes a stage with cultural performances.

Bands from Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Africa, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain & Oman, Afghanistan

Dancing from Turkey, Russia, Far East, India, Thailand, Bosnia, China, Pakistan, Egypt, South Asia, Europe, Americas, Lebanon, Syria, and South Asia


And then every Thursday, every pavilion comes together in a massive Parade of Nations that winds through Global Village and allows guests to see all of the international performers from over 70 countries at one time.


When you add all of this up, Global Village will have nearly 25,000 performances this season, in a period of just 158 days. I don’t know of anywhere else in the world that can claim this!


Yes, Global Village is an impressive place in all respects, with a massive international staff that includes over 10,000 people from more than 90 countries and more than 5.6 Million visitors last year. (2016/2017)

So in terms of visitors, Global Village is one of the most popular entertainment and shopping attractions in the entire Middle East. Yet, strangely enough, many western expats living in Dubai have never been, and it is oddly left off of many ‘must see’ tourist lists for western travelers.

When I do get a friend to come to the park for the first time, their comments are always the same:
– “I had no idea this place was so amazing.”
– “I’ve been in Dubai for years and I can’t believe I’ve never come here.”
– or just simply “Whoa…”

Two Surprising things about Global Village

1 – It is literally a brand new every year.
Within one month after the park closes in April, the majority of the pavilions are completely demolished. Once the park is completely leveled and the debris is cleared, work begins to rebuild the park, with all new pavilion designs, for the next season which will start just 5 months later.

Every year, Global Village takes a massive step forward in improving the park in every way, and each year there is more to offer.

2 – Admission to the park is only 15 Dirhams which is about 4 dollars.
That includes access to all of the main stage entertainment, touring international cultural shows, superstar concerts, children festivals, stunt shows, parades, interactive cultural exhibits, entrance to all of the international pavilions and all of the pavilion entertainment. 4 dollars!

I’m so proud to work in a place that is so unique, celebrating so many wonderful cultures and people, all integrated into one very special place. While at work, I’ve been able to make friends from all over the world. I personally believe that Global Village is not only one of the best places in Dubai, but I would find it hard to believe that there is such an eclectic mixture of international shopping and entertainment available anywhere else.

This is Forrest Mallard, see you next time.

Global Village Has Been Voted Best UAE Entertainment Venue And Here’s Why


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