Bucharest, Romania

Getting Rest in Bucharest

Forrest Mallard

After taking a ‘vacation from my vacation,’ I’m ready to move on.




So my ‘Vacation from the Vacation’ is over. A full SIX days spent in a very chilled out hostel in Bucharest, meandering through the city’s ‘old town,’ learning about Romanian history and drinking some great local beer and wine. When you have been moving to a new town every 2 or three days for over a month, six days in one place seems like a very long time. Tomorrow I head to Brasov, smaller and more medieval. I’ll be so happy to get out of the city again and back into some smaller towns and villages.

Today though.. I did something that was quite wonderful. I went to the Romanian Museum of the Village. This museum was started in 1936, and what they have done here is they have relocated, centuries old, actual village homes, from all of the regions within Romania, to this one massive outdoor park. None of the buildings are copies. These were actual peasant houses that were taken apart and reconstructed in the museum. The styles varied greatly in construction and architecture, but they had arranged all of the buildings into its own village. The only museum of its kind in the world.

I’ll have a lot more interesting things to write about once I get out into the countryside again. Looking forward to getting to Transylvania.



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