Stockholm, Sweden

Folckers Snörmarkeri

Forrest Mallard

Prepare yourself before stepping through the door of this Scandinavian haberdashery, for once you leave the sidewalk of Stockholm and enter Folckers, you will find yourself transported to a chaotic, creative Narnia, consisting of brightly colored ribbons, pompoms, tassels, and stringed beads.


Hornsgatan 52, 11821

T: +46 (0)8 642 28 01



Folckers Snörmarkeri

You seriously will feel as if you have been transported to another world as you cautiously make your way through a jungle of bobbins and rainbows of trimmings.

The Hein family opened the shop in 1890 and from the very start, they focused only on textiles for furnishings. in 1936 they moved to the current location on Hornsgatan Street. In 2003, the business was taken over by John Johansson and Tino Rivero, continuing on the same mission.

It took a moment to compose myself after first entering the shop the first time. I didn’t want to take any photos without asking first, but I was so in awe of my surroundings I forgot how to talk for a second. I was given permission to take as many photos as I wanted, as long as I didn’t include the proprietor in any images.

It was easy to strike up a conversation with him. All I had to do is mention that I work in theater and often make or repair costumes, and suddenly I was welcome into a world that included talk of providing ornamentation for costumes for a multitude of international touring productions.

A wonderful world to experience if you have to the time.


By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

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