Panorama Storken Pharmacy Stockholm Sweden

The Storken Pharmacy

A beautiful little pharmacy listed by Swedish conservation authorities as the one with the greatest cultural and historical significance in the country.
Futuristic Scene Brunkeburg Tunnel Stockholm Sweden

The Brunkeberg Tunnel

The Brunkeberg Tunnel in Norrmalm, Stockholm, is a 231 meters long shortcut for cyclists and pedestrians through a ridge in the city center.
On the Roof Skogs Chapel Skogskyrkogården Stockholm Sweden

The Skogs Chapel

The Woodland Chapel is Skogskyrkogården’s first and smallest chapel. It was designed by Gunnar Asplund and inaugurated in 1920.
Skinnarviks Mountain Close Up

Skinnarviks Mountain

Rising 53 meters (174 feet) above sea level, the Skinnarviksberg forms Stockholm’s highest natural elevation, and the mound offers fine views of the city.
Grassy Hill Astrid Lindgren Tegnérlunden Stockholm Sweden

The Tegnérlundenpark

A place of inspiration for Sweden’s iconic children’s book author, Astrid Lindgren.
Horizontal Sea God Sjögudvn Stockholm Sweden

Sjöguden the Sea God

Passengers come and go. Sjöguden, the Sea God, determines whether travelers will be heaving due to heavy seas or whether the sea will be calm as glass.
Nice Protrait of Statue Ernst Herman Thörnberg Stockholm Sweden

Ernst Herman Thörnberg

It is quite easy to overlook him. And most of those who do spot him don’t know the identity of this little bronze man who has been standing outside the eastern entrance to the Brunkeltberg Tunnel since 1987.
A Tragic Story Sisters Statue Moosebacke Torg Stockholm Sweden


The statue of two women standing beautifully tall and confident does little to reveal the tragic story that inspired this piece of art.

The Sun Boat

A modern piece of art on Riddarfjärden waterfront might have you guessing what it is. Swedish sculptor Christian Berg called it ‘Sun Boat.’