Category: Adventure Travel

Adventure Movies
July 21, 2021

Edie [2019]

Adrenaline Adventures
July 13, 2021

Deep Dive Dubai

Stories from Forrest
March 17, 2021

South Korean Romance

Stories from Forrest
March 14, 2021

Good Karma in Bucharest

Stories from Forrest
March 11, 2021

This Urn is Going to...

Stories from Forrest
June 14, 2020

The Iron Cross

Adrenaline Adventures
June 13, 2020

Stunt Life

Travel Icons
June 13, 2020

Paulo Coelho • Travel Icon


Hi! I'm Forrest Mallard

In 2005, I moved to Quito, Ecuador with $35 in my pocket and a small handful of online clients. Fifteen years and five continents later, there were moments of absolute glamour, as well as a number of brutal rough patches. But I always felt that a horrible day of travel is infinitely more preferable than a great day at the office. Oh the stories I could tell, and I will try to do that here in Tramposaurus Treks. You'll have access to the good times, the horrifying times, and a few well-deserved moments of travel glamour.

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