Camino Portuguese: Last Night Before Santiago

Forrest Mallard

I’m a huge fan of Europe’s FREE WALKING TOURS, and in Granada, Spain, I found one of the best companies that do this.


Camino Portuguese: Last Night Before Santiago

Sending Love to My Original Camino Family

I’m sending love to my original Camino Family from 2 years ago, and at the same time thinking of all of the amazing people I have met along the way over the past 26 days.

I obviously do a lot of walking, but I had forgotten how physically and EMOTIONALLY intense completing a Camino can be. The friendships you make will stay with you forever.

Here are a few photos from my phone from the last few days. I’ll send one final post when I arrive in Santiago tomorrow.

Tonight, I enjoy the last night on the road with my new friends Valentina and Iman.

Another Camino Completed

Tomorrow, I arrive in Santiago, collect my certificate for completing the walk, have dinner with many friends from the last month, then rest for one night before moving to Madrid.

Sept 6, Fly home to Dubai.


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