Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Camino Portuguese: Finished

Forrest Mallard

Camino Portuguese: DONE!

At 11 am on August 31, 2017, I arrived in Santiago de Compostela, Spain after walking 675 kilometers, beginning on Lisbon, Portugal.

The Camino Portuguese is so very different from my first Camino that I completed two years prior. On that Camino, there is simply just one path to take as you leave France and walk all the way across the Northern part of Spain.

On the Camino Portuguese, there are multiple routes weaving in and around each other that divert people inland, to the coast to walk along the shores, there’s a central path that is more historical, one to Fatima to see the shrine, and then even a “Spiritual Trail” which seemed a bit redundant on a historical, Catholic, pilgrimage.

With this many trails woven together, people that had become traveling partners would inevitably leave along the way, and many more would join as your path merged with theirs.

My New Camino Family: It’s Complicated

On my first Camino, I ended the journey with a large group of people whom I can sincerely call ‘family.’
On this Camino, I feel like I have new family, but ‘it’s complicated’ …but still family!

I want to send a shout out to the wonderful people I met along the way and who allowed me to share part of this amazing adventure with them. So many different people became an important part of the narrative of this journey, that there would actually be no story without them.

Extra special thanks to the pack of Italians and Spaniards that allowed me to hitch on and join their travels, and to Valentina Prestini, Iman Zanitas, and Josu, who stuck with me long enough that we could finish this adventure together.

Much love to all of my Camino family, old and new.
We will all be together again for more adventures someday soon. 🙂

When I get back to Dubai and have the chance to do some photo editing, all the photos will be going up.

Maybe Next Year, Another Camino

AND, next year thinking about doing yet another long-distance pilgrimage, the ‘Camino Norte,’ Supposed to be one of the most beautiful trails in Spain if anyone wants to join me.



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