Porto, Portugal

Camino Portuguese: Entering Porto

Forrest Mallard

15 days ago now, I left Lisbon on foot to walk the Camino Portuguese.
I’ve been trying to avoid comparing this trek to the more famous Camino Frances because they are so vastly different.



Multiple Routes on Camino Portuguese

Now the path to Santiago splits in three directions. I had initially planned to walk the more historical central route, but my new Italian friend Valentina persuaded me to walk the Coastal path that follows the Portuguese shoreline all the way up to Spain.

After Porto – More People

We are at a point in the trip, after Porto, where the whole dynamic of the daily walk changes. So far we have met about 30 other walkers total over the first half of the Camino. Starting today, several hundred have joined the trek.

I normally write a massive story with each travel post, but we’ve been walking more than 30 km per day for 15 days now in some very intense sun and heat. I just don’t have the energy to do my normal posts. 😪

My feet are feeling quite destroyed and my free time after arriving at the hotel is honestly spent drinking lemon beer, draining blisters and researching the next day’s route.

Camino Portuguese – Tired Yet Happy

I can not wait to get back to Dubai and edit some of these amazing photos and videos and introduce some of the fabulous people I have been meeting along THE WAY.

Ok, I’m babbling and tired, enjoy some photos. ❤💛💚💙💜



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