Lisbon, Portugal

Camino Portuguese: Camino de Fuego

Forrest Mallard

Since my last post, I have walked over 260km from Lisbon Portugal and have seriously been either too exhausted or too social to have time to post an update on my month-long trek through the wildfires of Portugal on the Camino Portuguese.




Camino Portuguese =
The Way of Fire

This route is intense. I can see why the route from Lisbon to Porto is not so popular. Many extremely long days of 30+ kilometers, taking 9 and 10 hours in the intense 40-degree sun. Leaving Lisbon, there are many kilometers of industrial areas and remote, dusty roads passing through arid farmlands. It takes several days to get to a village with the historical charm you might have been expecting.

A Vast Variety of Landscapes

But in this Camino’s defense, I passed through a wider variety of landscapes in my first-day trekking, than in any other trek I have recently done.

Ten days into this journey, I have more than 10 blisters on my feet. This is new to me. I never get sore feet, but I think the intense heat has caused my feet to sweat, and damp socks are a disaster and you are sure to blister up. So every night I had to do some minor first-aid, draining, bandaging, and pampering.

As I continued to walk north, I could see the dark brown clouds of the forest fires that have been breaking out all over the center of the country. As I enter a cafe for a coffee or sandwich, the local Portuguese TV shows the news of how they are battling the fires, all day long.

Freaking Hot – Yet Still Wonderfull

So I will continue my next three weeks, walking through Portugal, cherishing every freaking second of every day.

I’m meeting absolutely wonderful people.
I’m seeing incredible sights.
I’m feeling incredibly STRONG.
And I am really looking forward to returning to Dubai for work.

Love to everyone out there.
Next post will have more about the beautiful places and people I am seeing and meeting.



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