Springer Mountain, Georgia, USA

Appalachian Trail

Forrest Mallard

Georgia to Maine, USA – Someone once calculated that it would take the average person around five million steps to complete a through-hike of one of the world’s most famous treks. The Appalachian Trail, along with the Continental Divide and Pacific Crest Trail, makes up the Triple Crown of US long-distance hiking.


START: Springer Mountain, Georgia
END: Mount Katahin, Maine

DISTANCE: 3,476 km (2.160 miles)
TOTAL TIME: 5 to 7 months



Appalachian Trail

Tramposaurus: Top 10 Treks of North America

Often referred to as “The Long Green Tunnel,” due to its route through thick, mostly deciduous forests. What it may lack in vistas, it more than makes up in biological diversity. Only South America’s rainforests contain more plant species per acre than can be found here.

The trail ranges from flat and smooth to lengthy graded climbs and rock scrambling. More than half of its length is spent on the crests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, while other segments take you though nameless Pennsylvania gullies so rocky that hikers call them “Rocksylvanias.”

Highest point: Clingmans Dome, 6,643 ft (2,025 m)
Lowest point: Bear Mountain State Park, 124 ft (38 m)

USA Triple-Crown of Distance Trails

Three trails make up the Triple Crown:
Appalachian Trail
Continental Divide
Pacific Crest Trail

An estimated 12,000 people have hiked the full length of the trail since it was completed in 1937.


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