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“Distance changes utterly when you take the world on foot. A mile becomes a long way, two miles literally considerable, ten miles whopping, fifty miles at the very limits of conception. The world, you realize, is enormous in a way that only you and a small community of fellow hikers know. Planetary scale is your little secret.” Bill Bryson, ‘A Walk in the Woods’

There is something deeply cathartic about trekking, whether it be a short hike through the woods lasting only an hour, or a more epic adventure of crossing a country or continent, lasting maybe weeks or months. Every city, town or village that you reach by the power of your own feet, creates a deeply satisfying sense of accomplishment, and thus every sight you see and every meal you eat upon your arrival, becomes a rich reward for a job well done. Absolutely every moment that you experience during your journey has personal meaning for you and these moments will remain with you forever. Distance suddenly becomes exceptionally relevant in your journey and the concept of ‘travel’ becomes quite vivid and extremely literal.

Just last year [2017] Canada completed the world’s largest network of recreational trails (14,000 miles or 23,000 km) from the Atlantic to the Pacific, then north to the Arctic Ocean. This is one gigantic example of the increasing passion and popularity for recreational walking. The conversion of canal banks and disused railways around the world to mixed-use walk and cycle-ways, enables us to have unprecedented access to cities, urban and rural heritage.


Tramposaurus Treks’ mission is to show people just how accessible, affordable and doable these types of trips are. No matter which trail you choose to travel, Tramposaurus Treks wants to be the resource to help you plan for your adventure.

Forrest Mallard
Head Tramposaurus


A well-versed explorer in the truest sense.

From September through to April each year, Forrest works as the Entertainment Director in the Middle East. As soon as the season ends, Forrest morphs into the Head Tramp of Tramposaurus Treks, and the drive to go out and explore takes over. For Forrest, the not so well-known treks are irresistible!

Forrest continues his journey for six months, building his fitness and endurance on his epic treks, and sharing his incredible adventures with you, whilst finding out the coolest things that you won’t find in the guide-books. Using his “been there done that” experience, you’ll be able to piece together your budgets and itineraries to create an adventure of a lifetime that is perfect for you. He’s constantly in fear of running out of money, so what we’ll show you is how to trek on limited funds, yet still see the most incredible places on earth.

Caroline Lewis


Meet Caroline, Director at Tramposaurus Treks.  Caroline manages the business side of the Tramposaurus Treks blog. She is currently on a journey, chasing stars of the Abbotts World Marathon Majors; an endurance athlete, adventurer, and a lover of outdoor fitness who truly lives and breathes health and wellness in every aspect of day-to-day life. Caroline shares her experiences in destinations around sports and adventure activity.

So if endurance runs in faraway destinations or high-altitude treks in remote locations might be your thing, then please delve on into our blog posts, features and treks to discover more and plan for an adventure of a lifetime.

Chief Mascot


Introducing Trampy, Chief Mascot at Tramposaurus Treks. Track Trampy on his epic global adventures for one of his humorous and unforgettable journeys.

Trampy is a well-travelled, model-mascot other dinosaurs can only dream of becoming. He rarely travels without Forrest and somehow, they make their way across the world together.

The inseparable pair will take you to places off the beaten track, somewhere you’ve never been before. He’s been around for about 150 million years so there’s not really that many places he doesn’t know about. At the start of trek season, Trampy shares his research on scenic routes and cool things to do along the way.

If you want to walk in the footsteps of this dinosaur, all the upfront planning, time, and effort, has been done for you, so you’ll havce no surprizes along the way.

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Forrest Mallard
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