Vestmanna, Faroe Islands

A Walk Across the Faroes

Forrest Mallard

Trekking over the Faroe’s two largest islands.



Faroe Islands Interiors
Perfect for Off-Grid Escape

Faroes uninhabited vast mountain interiors are perfect for an off-grid escape.

I could post 100s of photos of the Faroes, and to someone looking at them through Facebook, they might look all the same. Upthrusted hunks of igneous rock carpeted in a foot of soil and another of soft moss and grass. To see them in person is enough to induce a slight melancholy feeling because, as a tourist, you are going to eventually have to say goodbye.

The day after my 50th birthday, I had the pleasure of walking alone for two days across two of the largest islands, Streymoy and Eysturoy. As I climbed the side of each mountain and headed inland, I left behind the rest of the population of the Faroes and I saw not a single person as I entered each island’s vast interior.

Too Many Beautiful Waterfalls

I said this last year. If you are someone (like I used to be) that stops at every little trickle of water, or small babbling brook thinking it is so cute and you take a photo, Iceland and the Faroe Islands will absolutely ruin you. Every few meters is a beautiful waterfall tumbling down a 300-meter mountain, through mossy grass and down into cascading pools. In just a few days you will be so spoiled with the natural beauty that when you do go home it will take a lot more than those old little trickles of water to impress you. Ruined!

And when you sit or lay down in the grass in the high mountains, you have centuries of moss that have layered and condensed into what feels very similar like a memory foam mattress.

And though it rains here, A LOT, the Faroes gave me a very special birthday present of two, very rare, spectacular sunny days back to back.

So I guess you have figured out, I really love this place. It is the only country I returned to that I visited last year, and I will be coming back again next summer as well.



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