Copenhagen, Denmark

A Day Spent at Tivoli Gardens is a Day in Heaven

Forrest Mallard

The second oldest theme park in the world is famous for being the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Disneyland park.




Yesterday I went to the oldest theme park in the world. The not so famous Bakken, deep in the woods 20-km north of Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Today I went to the second oldest theme park in the world, the much more famous TIVOLI, right smack in the middle of Copenhagen. As I have mentioned before, this is the park that inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland, and I could honestly see so many elements that were borrowed and adapted for the Disneyland and Disney World parks.

The park opened on 15 August 1843. One of the things that shows the park’s age is a roller coaster that requires an engineer to rides along on the train, and he uses a manual brake to stop the cars at the end of the ride.

Some Serious Thrill Rides

Also in this park are some other serious thrills. “Vertigoa‘ a barnstorming themed ride is one of the fastest rides I have ever been on with speeds of up to 60 mph, in massive loops, creating almost 5G when you reach the bottom. You guys will not believe how fast this thing goes when I upload the videos.

I stayed the whole day, and only drank one beer (it was MASSIVE). I was worried that I might get drunk if I tried to finish it, but the barmaid Stephanie said “Don’t Worry, at 9pm all the kids are gone, all the kiddie rides are closed, and pretty much it is just adults drinking.” I didn’t finish the beer, actually. It was about 1.5 liters in a giant mug and I had to stop. *burp*

As the sun was setting (4 hours of stunning sunset time you have this far north), the park’s ambient lighting came on and it was GORGEOUS. Again, you can see some of where that ‘Main Street after dark’ look came from.

Absolutely worth spending a whole day.

Tomorrow I will try to avoid the ravers that have saturated the city, and I will work on my computer on my last full-day on mainland Europe, before setting sail for Iceland on the 4th.



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