Venice, Italy

Cheap yet Fabulous in Venice

Forrest Mallard

Random thoughts while spending 4 days in Venice:
– this would be a great location for a zombie film
– this is not as expensive as I thought it would be
– it would be very cool to live here for a bit
– the traditional local drink, a Campari spritzer, tastes like that first cocktail you made for yourself as a kid, 😛




Venice on a Budget

TO SLEEP: Generator Hostel Venice
Probably the most expensive place I will stay this entire summer. BUT A GREAT BARGAIN IN VENICE! At 35 Euros a night, with great location, friendly staff, super clean facilities, and free breakfast, I don’t think I could beat it.

I have a great story of researching and finding a very local restaurant, where the gondoliers all go for lunch every day. No formality at all in this place. I walked in the door, one of the staff looked at me for a millisecond, then pointed to a chair across the room at a table where people were already sitting. “SIT THERE.” The three staff in the restaurant (including the cook in the kitchen), run their tails off to get everyone fed. The place is so familiar with a lot of these locals that they just get up and go behind the bar and get their own drinks. One of my favorite moments in Venice so far. And the 2-course meal with 1/2 carafe of wine was 15 Euro.

Next stop, Czech Republic

Venice is fabulous, but I can’t wait to get to the countryside of the Czech Republic tomorrow night, where there will be .01% the number of tourists (first stop Český Krumlov !)



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