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How NOT to lose your phone on your next trip.




Cat House of Valencia
Gulliver Park
Kargah Buddha
Kiek in de Kök
Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky
The Storken Pharmacy
The Brunkeberg Tunnel
Global Village Dubai Launches 23rd Season
Sjöguden the Sea God
Ernst Herman Thörnberg
The Sun Boat
Town Hall Pharmacy
Ponte delle Tette
Cobblestone Cross in Tallinn Town Hall Square
The Navel of Tallinn in the Town Hall Square
Three-Handed Virgin Mary
Aeter & Essence Factory
Libreria Acqua Alta
La Abuela Rockera Memorial
Folckers Snörmarkeri
Stone Mushrooms of Beli Plast
The Petrified Wedding Party
Kungsträdgården Metro
Hemlös rav (Homeless Fox)
A Day with Greta Garbo
Mirogoj Cemetery
Museum of Broken Relationships
One Day in Abu Dhabi
Palacio de Longoria
Fuente del Ángel Caído – The Fountain of the Fallen Angel
Shadow of the Ghost Pilgrim at Santiago Cathedral
Bohemian Switzerland by Foot
A Night in Dracula’s Hometown
Belogradchik Fortress – Best of Bulgaria


Wanderbares Wien – Hiking in Vienna, Austria
Walk In Granada Walking Tours
The Most Dangerous Bridge in the World?
Landing in Lahore
TTV002 Wuqiao Acrobats
TTV001 Welcome to the Vlog
Cat in Buddha Arms
Phone Tether: How to Not Lose Your Phone
Kicked out of Church
We Will Always Have Vienna
TRAVEL: Meeting Places and Exploring People
Camino Portuguese: Finished
Camino Portuguese: Last Night Before Santiago
Camino Portuguese: Trampy Day at the Beach
Camino Portuguese: Entering Porto
Camino Portuguese: Camino de Fuego
I Need a Big Floppy Hat
A Reminder to Live
In Slovenia Without a Clue
The Adventure Has Begun
Walking in the Footsteps of Queen Latifah at Grand Hotel Pupp
Karlovy Vary Healing Waters
Mentally Preparing for Travel
London Tube Walking Map
Summer 2016 In Review
Free Willy in Copenhagen
The Perfect Beard
My Introduction to the Faroes
Crisis Averted in Reykjavik
Making a Break for Reykjavik
Personal Crisis in Reykjavik
An Angel Took Me to ÁSBYRGI
Thumbing my way to Dettifoss
Positive Karma Payback
Turkey to Bulgaria by Bus
Istanbul Scary Carpet Caper
First Blog Post

Cities & Towns

The Tegnérlundenpark
Mostar Chill
Too Much History in Sarajevo
The Podgorica Challenge
Magical Mesi Bridge
Spending time with THE BELOVED
Český Krumlov a Fairytale Village
Venice Scavenger Hunt
Hollywood in Transylvania
Getting Rest in Bucharest
Melnik: An Unexpected Pleasure


Global Village Dubai
Landing at the G! Festival
A Day Spent at Tivoli Gardens is a Day in Heaven
Pilgrimage to Bakken

Food & Drink

The Wealthy Merchant House of Tallinn
Cucina da Mario
Sobrino de Botín
La Violeta Candy Shop
Cheap yet Fabulous in Venice

History & Culture

The Kalash Villages of Pakistan
Schiffmacher and Veldhoen Tattooing
Raoul Wallenberg Square Stockholm
The Skogs Chapel
Ungern-Sternberg Palace
The Goldsmith Treasure – First Historical Novel of Croatia
Stranded in Shkodër
Stop Complaining Forrest
Ólavsøka 2017
My First Taste of Ólavsøka


Dariali Gorge
My Week of Zen on Kazbegi Mountain
Skinnarviks Mountain
A Walk Across the Faroes
Big Bad Mountain Made Me Cry
Lake Bled: Trampy Family Reunion
Magic to Misery
The Castle of the Dark Knight
Road Trip to Wadi Damm
Camping on Jebel al Jais
Adventure Aboard the Norðlýsið
Iceland has ruined me forever!
Seyðisfjörður to Egilsstaðir

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Cat House of Valencia

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Walk In Granada Walking Tours

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The Most Dangerous Bridge in the World?

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