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Relish the journey and have pride in how far you’ve come. The destination is just the beginning.

Forrest Mallard

May 5, 18

Stranded in Shkodër

I arrived in Albania six days ago with the intention of being on a trail high in the Accursed Mountains, on my way towards the border of Montenegro

Forrest Mallard

Jun 29, 17

Big Bad Mountain Made Me Cry

Well it finally happened to me this last week while walking through the Triglav National Park in Slovenia. But honestly, the mountains did this to

Forrest Mallard

May 21, 16

Spending the Night in Dracula’s Hometown

After getting off the local train (filled with festive gypsies.. that is another whole story in itself).. I walked toward the imposing fortress on

Forrest Mallard

Apr 17, 16

Istanbul Scary Carpet Caper

I had planned on spending the entire day in old town to cover all of the sites.

I woke up around 11:30am.

Worked on my computer catch

Forrest Mallard

Apr 16, 16

Return to Istanbul

I had fun filming Trampy the Dinosaur taking rides on the luggage carousel.. until after a while I was the only pone left at baggage claim.. and my

Forrest Mallard

Apr 15, 16

First Blog Post

I love the anxiety and flashes of terror related to setting out on a solo/epic trek.

Departing what has become routine for many months, to t


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