Bratislava, Slovakia

Kicked out of Church

Forrest Mallard

Church is obviously no place for fun.


Saint Martin's Cathedral
Bratislava, Slovakia



So I was kicked out of church today.

Visited the beautiful cathedral in Bratislava, a very historical place and site of some very important events and coronations.

The art was fairly similar to most pieces found in churches throughout Europe, but then I entered the choir area.

At the end of each row was a BEAUTIFUL, fun and playful, hand-carved, wooden sculpture.
I spent more time looking at these beautiful carvings than I did the entire rest if the church.

Then I saw a beautiful Dragon and I knew I needed to get a photo with Trampy, and was so happy to get the shot before a volunteer stopped me and said, “Have some respect!” I pointed to draw his attention to the sculpture of the MONKEY PLAYING THE VIOLIN, and the BEAR PLAYING THE BASS.

As I put Trampy away I assured the volunteer that the person that designed these sculptures could only have wanted them to inspire playfulness and joy, not stuffy, sterile, grumpiness.

Trampy and I turned on our heels and left.

I would still HIGHLY recommend visiting this cathedral, exclusively for these amazing wooden carvings.
Please leave your dinosaurs at home.


By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard


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