Madrid, Spain

Fuente del Ángel Caído

The Fountain of the Fallen Angel

Forrest Mallard

The only monument in the world dedicated to Lucifer (aka Satan).





Fuente del Ángel Caído
(The Fountain of the Fallen Angel)

With only 24 hours to spend as a tourist in Madrid, I chose to bypass all of the hottest tourist attractions, and I researched and found some unique things in the city that would give me a richer appreciation for the city itself.

I had heard about the Lucifer fountain several years ago, and that was definitely going to be on the list of odd things to find in the city. The monument is located in the popular Retiro Park in the middle of the city.

Built in 1877 by Spanish sculptor Ricardo Bellver, The Fallen Angel is one of the most controversial monuments in Spain, and arguably the only public statue in the world dedicated to the devil himself.

Inspired by John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, the very dramatic work of art depicts Lucifer as he is cast out of heaven and fallen to Earth and tormented by snakes.

When I got home and started looking at the photos, it occurred to me that this statue actually presents a paradox in the biblical story timeline. The problem: it was a snake in which Satan later possessed to tempt Eve, resulting in God cursing the snakes and removing their legs so they would forever have to slither on their bellies. However, in the statue, the snakes are already legless. Hmmm…

The black splatters of paint seemed perfect on a monument dedicated to the prince of evil, and I wondered if it was vandalism or part of the actual design.

An eerie coincidence is also the fact that this statue sits on an elevation exactly 666 meters above sea level.


By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

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