A Tragic Story Sisters Statue Moosebacke Torg Stockholm Sweden


The statue of two women standing beautifully tall and confident does little to reveal the tragic story that inspired this piece of art.

The Sun Boat

A modern piece of art on Riddarfjärden waterfront might have you guessing what it is. Swedish sculptor Christian Berg called it ‘Sun Boat.’

Aeter & Essence Factory

A fascinating blend of delicious aromas excites the sense of smell when you step into this unusual shop. A paradise of herbs and spices.

Folckers Snörmarkeri

Prepare yourself before stepping through the door of this Scandinavian haberdashery, for once you leave the sidewalk of Stockholm and enter Folckers, you will find yourself transported to a chaotic, creative Narnia, consisting of brightly colored ribbons, pompoms, tassels, and stringed beads.

Hemlös rav (Homeless Fox)

The clever fox would never have imagined he would ever end up homeless. How did this happen? This simple concept is not a new revelation, homelessness can happen to anyone.