Mirogoj Cemetary

Once heralded as one of the star attractions of Zagreb, the Mirogoj cemetery north of the city center, has all but vanished from the local tourism brochures.

Global Village Dubai

WHAT IS GLOBAL VILLAGE? Currently in its 22nd season, Global Village is the middle east’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction.

La Violeta Candy Shop

With only 24 hours to spend as a tourist in Madrid I chose to bypass all of the hottest tourist attractions, and I researched and found some unique things in the city that would give me a richer appreciation for the city itself.

Shadow of the Ghost Pilgrim at Santiago Cathedral

I was reminded by my friend Valentina that there was a mysterious ‘shadow of a pilgrim’ that appears each night against the wall of the cathedral. I had read about this and had wanted to investigate, but had completely forgotten about it. So off we went like the Scooby Doo Gang to find this mysterious specter.