O Porto, Spain

Camino Portuguese:
Trampy Day at the Beach

Forrest Mallard

Yesterday we crossed a river by ferry, and in that 10 minutes we crossed from Portugal to Spain, changed languages, and added an hour time change.




Along the way over the past week, I saved the life of a little boy (seriously.. he almost got run over By a speeding car), I spontaneously became a participant in a beautiful Portuguese wedding, I spent a sleepless night in a monastery as we were devoured by mosquitoes, I’ve inhaled deeply about 1000+ times walking through eucalyptus forests, and I’ve gotten my friend Valentina addicted to Limon Beer (Radlers). Each of these things is a whole story in itself, but the life of the Camino does no allow for much time to sit and write so much.

As I mentioned before, the average day of walking for the last 3 weeks has been an average of 30 to 40 km per day.
Now, the next three days will be an average of 15 km per day. MY FEET ARE REJOICING!!

The countryside had become more and more beautiful with each day, and with only 7 more days of walking before I reach the end of my journey, I am fantasizing about returning to work in Dubai. No, seriously, I can not wait to get back and unpack my bags and sit my newly skinny ass down behind a computer screen and sit STILL!

But there is still one week of adventures to go and though I am ready for the vacation to be over, I still cherish every second of every day because I know how lucky I am.

Onward to Santiago!!


By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard

By Forrest Mallard


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